Dear Mr. Radu,

I start by being grateful and satisfed because I had the opportunity to meet a man like you in a sea of real estate agents who unfortunately don’t know what world they live in. I was shocked to fnd so much lack of responsibility and poor professional training. But thank God I had the chance to meet you, the one who gave me the experience of my life in terms of the real estate. Dear sir, your place is not in this market, do something and get out of this mess! The Romanian real estate market does not deserve you!
Anyway, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, I am grateful to you and I will do my best to let as many people as possible know in US that there is a REAL real estate agent in Romania for whom time and quality of services are more important than money! You trully deserve your brand “Personal Property Advisor” I will never forget you!

With sincere appreciation … Paul!